Kentico Hosting World Wide

4Hilton now offers secure ultra-reliable Kentico hosting in a wide range of world wide locations!

No matter if you are looking to host a site locally or add some load balancers and give your site some robust Geo Diversity we have an offering that would suit you.

Kentico Hosting Servers available in:
US East (N. Virginia)
US Central (Chicago)
US Central (Texas)
US West (N. California)
US West (Oregon)
EU (Ireland)
EU (London)
EU (Frankfurt)
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
South America (São Paulo)

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more information about our standard and custom hosting plans.

Thanks a lot for sharing this list. Impressive geographical diversity, didn't know that Kentico hosting servers are available in so many countries!

Erika Taylor
11/13/2016 6:24:47 AM

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